SH 190

Development Opportunity

The 190/PGBT Corridor represents the potential for new development. The City’s overall strategy for this Area is to preserve vacant land for high-quality development. As a largely “Greenfield” opportunity, there is the potential for a regionally-important office and employment “address” (e.g., build-to-suit corporate headquarters/campus) with an integrated mid- to higher-end residential component and support retail. This area could also attract a lodging/conference center, again as a complement to the office/ employment core but should not compete with already existing development.

Key AssetsSH 190 Map

  • Large tracts of developable land

Market Opportunity:  Near Term

As shown, market potential within the 190 Catalyst Area suggests support for a regional employment center, with a diverse mix of residential, retail, office and employment land uses. 

Targeted Investment Areas


  • Retail Strategy for SH 190

Success Stories

  • Firewheel Town Center