Advantages for Landlords

Section 8 makes excellent business sense to many landlords because it offers several solid advantages in today's variable rental housing market.

Low Risk

Section 8 removes most of the risk involved in renting to tenants who have limited or unstable incomes. Landlords are guaranteed to receive a part of the monthly rent (often substantial) directly from the Garland Housing Agency. Criminal background checks are completed on all eligible clients.

A Ready Market

If participating landlords desire, their names, addresses, and phone numbers will be furnished to a ready market of eligible renters through our available housing list.

Property Control

Housing Choice Voucher landlords retain full management control of their property. They retain the right to screen and select applicants, and if necessary, to evict tenants who have violated the terms of the least agreement. Find out more on Zero Tolerance.

High Flexibility

Landlords enjoy a high degree of flexibility in their Housing Choice Voucher participation. Garland Housing Agency's contracts are signed initially for a one year period, and cover each participant on an individual basis. Paperwork for the landlord is kept to a minimum. Processing time averages only 15 to 30 days from the time the prospective renter approaches the landlord to the time the landlord begins receiving monthly Section 8 checks on the tenant's behalf.