Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing available via curbside pickup!

Have something you need to print?  You can send it to the library printers and we can print it for you.

The process:

  • Call the library you want to pick up your print job from: 972-205-2500.
  • Choose the mobile print method that works best for you (below).  Staff will assist you with the mobile print process if you need help.
  • We will call you back after we are able to print your job to arrange a pick up time.

The details:

  • You must call to initiate the process. Jobs stay in the print queue for 3 hours, and we will not know to look for it if you don’t ask us to.  
  • The first 10 black & white pages are free (3 color pages).  Printing in excess of $1.50 will be limited to Garland card holders, and we will put the remaining balance on your card. Black & white printouts are 15 cents per page. Color printouts are 50 cents per page. 
  • Mobile print pickup is available 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday at the Central Library, Tuesday-Saturday at the branches.
  • Due to limited staff and reduced hours, print jobs must be submitted by 3 p.m. each day. The mobile print queue automatically deletes print jobs that have not been printed three hours after they are sent to the printer. Any print jobs submitted after 3 p.m. will automatically delete from the queue and will need to be resubmitted on another day. 
  • Print jobs will not be ready for immediate pick-up. Patrons will be called to schedule pick-up of their printout. Patrons must pick up their printout during their 15 minute scheduled time slot. 
  • When submitting a print job, be sure to select: the desired documents to print, the appropriate printer, and the number of copies needed. Library staff will release print jobs in the state in which they are received. Staff cannot make edits, changes, or additional copies.

With Library Mobile Printing you can quickly and easily send documents from your computer or phone to the Library printers via email, a webpage, or the PrinterOn app.

Important information:     

  • You will need an email address and a computer, laptop or device with an Internet connection to use our Library Mobile Printing service.
  • Supported file types: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF, JPEG, TIFF and Fax. 
  • Maximum file size for each print job is 20 MB.
  • Once your print job is successfully sent to a Library printer, you will have 3 hours to go to the library you chose and use the print release station to print it. Your documents will only be available at the branch you sent them to.
  • Print jobs sent less than three hours before closing must be picked up before the library closes. Prints that have not been released or that are sent after hours will not be available the next day (unless the library opens within 3 hours after sending the print job).
  • Print cost per page is $.15 for black & white and $.50 for color. Cash only please.
  • Once you have sent your print job, you will not be able to change the number of pages or otherwise modify the print job at the Library print release station. Please use Print Preview so you know what you are sending to the printer.

Picture of an HP M855 laser printerWhich print method is best for my needs?

Best for: Forwarding emails, with or without attachments, to the printer

Print Portal
Best for: Photos, resumes, spreadsheets - any Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF, JPEG, TIFF or Fax file you can save on your computer or laptop and upload to the Print Portal

PrinterOn app
Best for: Pictures or documents on your phone or tablet; Printing from websites that require a login to use them (not email)

  1. Email
  2. Print Portal
  3. PrinterOn App

How to use email to send a print job to the Library printer

Jobs can be sent to the printer in the body of your email or as an attachment.  When you release your print job at the library, you will see the email as 1 print job and any attachments as separate print jobs.  You can choose to print just the attachments if there is no content in the email other than the attachment(s).  

Email from any device directly to Library Mobile printing:

Scan the QR code with a QR CODE READER to open a new email to attach something to or type the email address into an existing email to forward it.

Central Library 

QR Code for emailing the Central Library black and white printer

To print in black & white:

QR Code for emailing the Central Library color printer

To print in color:

North Garland Branch 

QR code for the North Garland black and white printer

To print in black & white:

QR code for the North Garland color printer

To print in color:

South Garland Branch

QR code for the South Garland black and white printer

To print in black & white:

QR code for the South Garland color printer

To print in color:

Walnut Creek Branch 

QR code for the Walnut Creek black and white printer

To print in black & white:

QR code for the Walnut Creek color printer

To print in color:

At the library:

  1. Go to the Print Release Station in the library you chose and select “Release a Print Job”
  2. Enter the email address you sent the print job from
  3. Select your print job(s)
  4. Insert enough cash to cover your printing costs.  The Print Release stations will give change. 

 Your print job will be printed!