Animal Bites

Section 22.07 (E) requires both animal owners and bite victims to contact Garland Animal Services in the event of an animal bite.

Bite victims should call Garland Animal Services immediately at 972-205-3570, option 1 and should provide a description of the animal and the location at which the bite occurred. An Animal Service Officer will contact the bite victim to gather pertinent information and to inform the victim of the rabies control measures which will be taken to ensure public safety, including quarantine of the animal involved in the bite.

The owner(s) of an animal involved in a bite are required to secure the animal until an Animal Service Officer can take possession of the animal for rabies quarantine. Animals involved in a bite are quarantined for a period of no less than ten days, after which they may be released to the owner. View the animal bite brochure (PDF) for more information.

Dangerous Animals

Garland Animal Services has the authority to place restrictions on, or order the removal of animals deemed dangerous. Citizens wishing to report potentially dangerous animals should contact Animal Services. An Animal Service Officer, the Animal Services Manager, and/or the City Veterinarian will evaluate the animal in question to determine if it exhibits dangerous behavior.

Quarantine Fees

Fee TypeCost
Daily Handling Fee$5
Daily Observation Fee$15
Home Quarantine$100
Impound Fee for unsterilized ($75 voucher) and $25 impound for sterilized$125
Rabies Shipment$150